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The powers and duties of electricity transmission companies in the UK are set out in the Electricity Act 1989.  The right to claim compensation will depend on whether or not the electricity company has a temporary wayleave in place or a permanent easement.
In many cases, property compensation is paid where a terminable wayleave exists.
We have settled many thousands of claims for clients around the country, for example where pylons or overhead electric lines impact on value or impede development on:
Residential and urban properties
Agricultural properties and farms
Commercial properties and development land
Our clients have included owners of residential properties, owners of farms and estates and owners or occupiers of commercial property, particularly where development is impeded and compensation for loss of development potential is claimed and has been awarded.  We have helped to settle claims on a number of prominent development sites which have been affected by overhead powerlines and we would be happy to discuss your claim with you.
Pursuing and settling pylon compensation claims has been a major part of our work over the last ten years and we have a substantial database of settlement evidence which allows us to do the best job for our clients.
There are now many firms offering to claim compensation for clients who have wooden poles across their land.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  In many cases, it is not in a landowners long term interest to offer permanent rights for wood pole lines.  For example, we have seen some terrible advice given to clients who have been advised to give an electricity company permanent rights to keep wooden pole lines in place where clearly, the location of those wooden poles could inhibit development in the future.  Also, by giving away permanent rights for a few thousand pounds now could mean that your negotiating position in the future has been lost if ever you need something from the electricity company.  Each case should be treated on its merits but we would certainly advise caution when dealing with wood pole lines.